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Welcome to the Animal Factory Amplification Shopify store! We build high-quality, unique guitar and bass effect pedals and other things in Mumbai, India.  

If you need more information about any of our products, chances are you will find it on our homepage.

EU customers: good news! You can order our products from dealers in Europe with an EU VAT invoice and warranty. We no longer ship to EU from India. For products not listed on their sites (yet), please e-mail or call the dealers directly!


Schneidersladen (DE), Juno (UK), Effekt-Boutique (DE), Error Instruments (NL), Pyramid Sounds (NO), House of Sound (CH), Klangfarbe (AT) Cymru Beats (GB-WLS), (GR)

Animal Factory Amplification on Distortion - Workshop @SchneidersLaden from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.


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